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Being one of the reputed chauffeur companies in Dubai, we are now forced to take extraordinary steps to make our chauffeurs covid ready by training them to follow the safety procedures as per the WHO guidelines.


GetBestDrive respects the decisions of the government  and follows all the safety procedures recommended for transport companies to prevent the spread of the covid 19 virus.

Hire a safe driver

Before the client enters their vehicle, the chauffeur will clean their hands thoroughly using sanitizer and wear protective gloves and a mask.


After each ride, the chauffeur will clear and sanitize the workspace, remove and dispose of the wastes from the vehicle. It's made sure that the clients can rely on our safe drivers when travelling anywhere in Dubai.

BestDrive - Hire a driver in Dubai

Chauffeur Hygiene Approach

BestDrive - Hire a driver in Dubai

Avoiding Physical Contact

Our safe drivers make sure that hand shakes are avoided with the clients, and follow social distancing.


We always recommend our clients  to sanitize the hot spots or touch points of the vehicle. 

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